Coming Soon in Fall 2019.

Cord is a prototype for a new product/service from UP END THIS. The 8’x4’x4’ welded steel frame is loaded with stacked dry firewood (one cord 16” lengths) and is delivered by trailer. Once on site the frame is jacked up using our lifting system, the trailer is then pulled out and the frame is placed level and 12” off the ground using attached steel legs with a foot plates that keep it from sinking into the ground. The frame is topped with corrugated metal to keep it dry on site and the wood is placed on wood decking with ample space between boards to keep air circulating in the stack.

The future service to be explored would allow you to call once you are low on wood, a second loaded frame would be delivered and the empty would be hauled away.

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Cord can be delivered within Franklin, Washington, Lamoille and Chittenden counties of Vermont. On site the storage location needs to be easily accessed by trailer and relatively flat. Ground surface can vary. (stone, mulch, grass, asphalt or concrete)